Root Canal Treatment

Tooth pain and sentivity to hot and cold is major problem which effect the general population. In older days dentist used to extract teeth which had any trouble. But now days with the increase in technology we can save this teeth by means of Root Canal treatment.
Teeth can become painful due to caries in the teeth, broken tooth, periodontal condition, infection, pus formation etc. Pain in the tooth happens due to infection or inflammation in the pulp of the tooth which is the inner most part of tooth.
In root canal treatment we take out the infected pulp out of the tooth and fill the vacant area with the help of filling material called gutta percha.

Root Canal Treatment

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Full mouth reconstruction is indicated when

Root canal is indicated when the pulp of the tooth is injured causing inflammation and infection. Inflamation and infection in root canal can be caused by mechanical injury to the tooth, caries, bad tooth filling, periodontal involvement of tooth causing infection in apical area of the tooth, broken tooth, hot and cold sentivity in tooth.

Procedure for Root Canal Treatment

In full mouth reconstruction multiple missing teeth are replaced by implants, bridges, removable partial dentures, Full dentures.

Diagnostic and preparation:

Pulp Vitality Test : these are doen by applying hot and cold to the tooth and pain response is tested. Pulp vitality can be done with a pulp vitality tester also.


Dental X-rays : x-rays are taken for the affected tooth and seen for any periapical infection


Palpation : Intraoral palpation and extraoral palpation is done to confirm the diagnosis.

Local Anaesthesia :

Opening : we open the crown portion of the tooth to reach the pulp chamber.


Removal of Pulp Tissue : Unhealthy pulp is removed. The canals are cleaned, enlarged and shaped with special root canal files and disinfecting solutions. The length of the root canals is determined with electronic apex locators.


Filling of Root canal : Once the tooth is free of infection, the tooth is filled with a special Root Canal Filling Material like gutta percha


Temporary Filling : Root canal is finished with a temporary filling.


Final Restoration : After finishing of root canal appointment we final restoration of decayed and mutilated tooth by the help of metal post and filling (genrally of Light cured material). This is done to prevent breakage of the tooth from bitting forces.


Crown Insertion : Crown over a root canal treated teeth is a must as it seals the tooth from bacteria and also prvewnts its breakage under bitting forces.

Risks and Complications

Root canal treatment is one of the least risky treatment with negligible complications. Root canal failure or re-infection can occur after some years of root canal treatment. This happens if filling or crown over the tooth which is root canal treated is not good or root canal filling is not sufficient.
Sometimes root canal file can break while doing the procedure. Then we have to either take the broken file out of the tooth or if not possible then we have to bypass the file and continue with root canal.

Expected Outcome

Root canal treatment brings relief to pain and hot and cold sensitivity to the tooth. You can enjoy your food for many more years to come. The infection in the tooth and bone is healed which brings the end to the agony suffered for so long.

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