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Rohit Dental Clinic Implant & Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Rohit Gupta achieves exceptional results in cosmetic and Implant dentistry. His areas of expertise include Dental implants, porcelain veneers, crowns, Bridges,Root Canal Treatment,Orthodontic Treatment and complete smile makeovers.

Dr. Rohit Gupta is famous for his comprehensive and meticulous approach to dentistry and for his commitment to precision and quality. He will design your new beautiful smile applying all of his knowledge and expertise; paying attention to every little detail of your profile, always considering your expectations and never compromising function and quality.
Dr. Rohit Gupta is also reknown for his sincere beliefs in conservative treatment and emphasis on the prevention of dental problems resulting in long term oral health. Dr. Rohit approaches all dental treatment including veneers, crowns and fillings, with the belief that a sound and healthy tooth structure should be preserved whenever possible.
Dr. Rohit Gupta is passionately committed to bringing your smile to its fullest potential so you can smile with confidence.

My biggest inspiration is my patient’s reaction to seeing their new smiles and the extraordinary impact that it has on their self-image and happiness. Please, check our Before and After photo gallery to witness the amazing transformation our patients go through during their treatment.

Quality Standards of Dr. Rohit

He owns the state of art clinic in Ludhiana and has been into clinical practice since 13 yrs.

He is a visiting endodontist to many modern clinics. He has lectured about endodontics and Implantology at many forums.

Dr Rohit Gupta has done more than 10000 Root Canal treatment cases and done more than 1500 implants.

Rohit Dental Care Clinic Offers You:

  • State of the art technology and techniques
  • The finest biocompatible materials
  • Hospital level sterilization
  • Intra-oral cameras allowing the patient to see every detail of their smile.
  • A friendly caring staff who always makes you feel comfortable and at home

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Whenever one faces dental problems, the first mindset is to postpone the same and do not see the doctor. We at Rohit Dental Clinic understand your anxiety. We try to make your visit and appointment as comfortable as possible. All you need to do it pick up your phone and dial us at

Our Dental Surgeons


Dr Rohit Gupta

He is a leading implantologist and dental surgeon in the state of Punjab, India. He is also certified by AAID, Chicago, USA. He is known for his meticulous approach to the patients. He believes in first understanding the patient expectations so that he can deliver a better experience than expected. He has experience of of over 20 years in the field and still makes it a point that even the latest detail does not gets missed. His comprehensive approach to treatment ensures that you always feel a pleasure to visit him for a check up. Read More

doctor sakshi

Dr. Sakshi Gupta

She has almost same experience as Dr Rohit. She has developed a special affinity to treating dental problems. her approach is always innovative which aims a holistic treatment of the disease not the symptom. When come to treatments like Root Canal Treatment or extractions, she makes the patient feel at comfort. Read More

Our Certificates

Picture With Famous People

Dr. Shankar Iyer (New Jersey)
Director AAID

Dr. Hilt Tatum (Jr) Inventor of Lateral
Sinus Lift

Dr. Philip Tardieu Inventor Of
Safe Implant System

Dr. Rohit During 45th Punjab State
Dental Conference