Rool Canal Treatment

Rool Canal Treatment

rctYears ago, a badly infected tooth, or one that had significant decay, was doomed to be extracted. Today a majority of these teeth can be salvaged by a special dental procedure called ROOT CANAL TREAMENT.

Rohit Dental Clinic is equipped with latest technology available and we finish most of the cases in single sitting reducing the agony of the patient of going to the dentist again and again. Dr Rohit Gupta is an experienced endodontist who has completed nearly 2000 cases. We have 100 % success rate.

A ROOT CANAL TREATMENT is needed when a tooth´s nerve and associated vessels are irreversibly damaged. For example: Tooth damaged by trauma (accident). A fractured tooth. Deep cavity that has infected the nerve. The end result is the same an infection that leads to an abscess at the base of the tooth.


  1. Throbbing pain in the tooth (especially noticeable when lying horizontal, i.e. in the bed at night).
  2. There may also be swelling in your jaw..
  3. The tooth may be painful in your jaw
  4. Pain on consuming hot and or cold foods.
  5. Teeth that are severely worn out.

We can save your teeth at this time.
A Root Canal is a relatively simple procedure with little or no discomfort involving 1-2 sittings. Best of all, it can save your tooth and your smile. The treated tooth usually can function like a normal tooth after Root Canal Therapy.



Step 1.
The tooth is anesthetized and an opening is made through the crown into pulp chamber.


Step 2.
The length of the root canals is determined. Unhealthy pulp is removed. The canals are cleaned, enlarged and shaped with special root canal files and disinfecting solutions.


Step 3.
Once the tooth is free of infection, the tooth is filled with a special Root Canal Filling Material like gutta percha and sealed with a temporary filling


Step 4.
A post and core may be added for structural support. Usually a metal or porcelain crown is made for the tooth to provide further protection.

Frequently Asked Quastions

Without the treatment, infection will spread, bone around the tooth will degenerate and the tooth may have to be extracted. Pain usually increases until one is forced to seek emergency dental attention.

No, root canal treatment is painless as anesthesia is given before starting the treatment.

In 1-2 visits your treatment will be over. Our clinic has latest knowledge and equipment to do the treatment in single sitting.

After the inside of your tooth has been treated the outside will be restored to protect your tooth´s underlying structures and give your tooth a healthy appearance. After root canal treatment your tooth should function and feel like normal tooth. You can eat food as you eat with healthy teeth.

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