Air Flow

Air Flow

smileYes or No… You hardly ever get a second chance to make a first impression . . . and that depends on how you feel about yourself. Feeling good is a sign of success in your private and professional life. A white radiant smile reflects a zest for life and is an important status symbol. At Rohit Dental Clinic we make your smile glitter with whiter and healthy teeth with the help of air flow.( Request an appointment )

Benefits of Airflow

AIR-FLOW does not hurt, AIR-FLOW feels good A spray of air and sodium bicarbonate and a water jet meet to quickly remove plaque and stains without pain. Ideal for… Tartar and stain removal. An Air – Flow prophylaxis means beautiful…smooth…white teeth. It’s economical and unconditionally reliable.

Also useful for…preparing the tooth surface for prosthetic and orthodontic appliances … cleaning tooth surfaces prior to fluoride treatment… cleaning diseased areas for improved diagnosis


It’s good for prophylaxis
Plaque is the beginning of periodontal disease. Dental deposits and discoloration put dental health at risk. The AIR-FLOW method cleans and polishes the surfaces of the teeth better than ever.

And it tastes good
It tastes of fresh lemon .Right afterwards, you’ll be surprised at how smooth your teeth feel, and you’ll be delighted by their bright, light appearance.Take a look in the mirrow! The new feeling for your teeth.
It’s probably the best you can do for

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